Kela (hellomarigold) wrote in anti_lovee,

my name is kela.
my heart was broken a week ago.
we are still friends and see and talk every day.
his name is nick but i call him "boy"
he calls me "girl" and says im the best ever.
His heart was broken by his old best friend. she was heartbroken, too. she had her heart broken when she was a sophomore. she broke his heart when he was a junior. she went away to australia and when she came back in oct. boy changed and she didnt talk to him anymore.
he is still hurt by her.
he led me into a relationship and broke me after we spent a night holding eachother and talking.
i see him almost everyday still and we talk every single day.
he tells me im the best ever.
he tells me things i dont know.
im a sophomore.
he's a senior.

i love him still.
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